Privacy Policy

To enable you to use our service, Guantanamail might need to process some data that is personal, like your IP-address or the email address of the intended recipient. We will principally use your personal data for sending your message and improving our service. We surely won't sell it to third or affiliate parties or use it for irritating commercial messages. By using our service you agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy below.

Version: September 11, 2013

About Guantanamail

Guantanamail is a service of The After scrl, a Belgian registered business under number BE0892297654.

Personal Data

Guantanamail takes your trust and privacy very seriously and therefore aims to process as little personal data as necessary. You therefore do not have to sign up for an account, nor is there any other kind of log-in procedure. In order to use our Service and send your Message, it is optional to enter the email addresses of the Recipients. If you use our service, Guantanamail might store your IP-address, country and language settings, browser type and Flash version. Guantanamail does not monitor the contents of Messages nor does it store any other than the aforementioned personal data.


Guantanamail processes personal data for the purpose of (i) operating the Service and/or Website and (ii) to follow up on abuse reports, to cooperate with law enforcement. Guantanamail does not sell or otherwise distribute your personal data to affiliate or third parties and will not send You newsletters or use your personal data for any other purposes than stated above. To evaluate the use of our Website and Service as well as for statistical purposes, only anonymised data shall be used.


Guantanamail takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against loss or other forms of unlawful processing. For technical and operational reasons, personal data can be transferred through servers in Switzerland or other countries outside the European Union, where the European data protection rules are not applicable. Privacy regulations outside the EU might not provide the same high level of protection. By using our Service and/or Website You acknowledge and agree that Guantanamail transfers your personal data through servers that are possibly outside the EU.


You are only allowed to use our Website and/or Service when of or over the age of 16 years, or with the approval of your parents or guardians.


If You have questions about the way Guantanamail processes your personal data or the personal information Guantanamail stores about You, please contact Guantanamail by sending an e-mail with your question to We speak English and French.